A Drunken Party Takes A Serious Turn In “Kiss And Tell”

"Never have I ever... kissed a girl."

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing short films that illuminate queer life. Welcome to #HumpdayShorts.

In Kiss And Tell, Morgan is questioning her sexuality—and her feelings for her drunk best friend, Sarah—during a wild night at her house.

YouTuber Jenna Larson wrote and directed the film, based on a true story about the night she first realized she was attracted to women. She launched the clip on her channel in time for Pride.

“I wanted to take all of my struggles and all of the pain that I felt in questioning myself and my sexuality, and turn that into something that other young queer kids could relate to,” explained in a behind-the-scenes video. “Or that other young straight people could find understanding from.”

Several years actually passed between Larson’s first kiss with a girl and coming out to herself as bisexual. She says her inspiration comes from Carrie Fisher’s directive to “take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

Watch Kiss and Tell below.


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