A Gay Couple Fights To Stay Alive In Terrifying Post-Trump Dystopia In “All Men May Cry”

"For so long I have lived for others, but today I live for myself."

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In his short film All Men May Cry, Johnny Chang gives us a frightening glimpse into what life could become if Trump’s hate-fueled followers were to violently take over the country.

The apocalyptic short tells the story of a terrified gay couple who fear being attacked by a group that rose to power via the hateful rhetoric that Trump made seem commonplace during the 2016 presidential election.

The most chilling part of the short is that it’s set in 2019, placing the dystopian nightmare only three short years into Trump’s presidency.

Chang actually released the short in October of 2016, a month before the election was even decided, but said he already felt “an unfamiliar sense of fear from my peers” regarding the potential outcome.

Once Trump was officially elected, however, the filmmaker urged viewers to fight back in order to avoid his dystopian fantasy from becoming a reality.

“We must fight for our freedom and equality as human beings,” he wrote on Facebook when announcing the film. “Whether you are LGBT, Muslim, Asian, foreign or, quite frankly, anybody on this planet, we should not have to live in fear.”

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