The Violation

A Gay Teen’s Crush On His Straight Neighbor Turns To Obsession In “The Violation”

When 15-year-old Mickey gets unfettered access to Oscar's room, it's a dangerous opportunity.

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Teenage hormones are difficult for anyone to navigate, but its especially hard for gay teens, who can face a violent reaction from an unrequited crush. Christopher Bradley’s 2013 short, The Violation, focuses on 15-year-old Mickey Dougherty (Slade Pearce), who’s got it bad for his older next-door neighbor Oscar. In a cruel twist, though, Oscar is interested in Mickey’s sister, Tina.

In the opening scene Mickey points his telescope into Oscar’s window, only to see his neighbor fondling a pillow with Tina’s bikini on it.

The Violation

When Oscar’s mother (Beth Grant) asks the Doughertys to housesit while they’re away, Mickey uses the opportunity to snoop in Oscar’s room, losing himself in the eroticism of being near another boy’s personal belongings and creating his own totem out of Oscar’s pants and shirt.

But can he put everything back before Oscar returns—or will his obsession be exposed?


Bradley conceived of The Violation as a response to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which was repealed in 2011. The film juxtaposes two young men fixated on the object of their desire—but one is seen as essentially harmless while the other’s obsession is viewed in our culture as twisted and dangerous.

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