Hunky Marines Strip To Their Silkies For Homoerotic Hike To Fight PTSD


More than 50 incredibly hot active duty service members and veterans hiked the California coast in nothing but their Marine silkies and combat boots last weekend, all to raise awareness for soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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The scantily clad dudes, marching for an organization known as the Irreverent Warriors, walked 22 kilometers from Mission Beach to La Jolla with some carrying 22 kilograms of weight.

“Imagine a pub crawl with all your Marine buddies wearing nothing but silkies and rucks on the most crowded and beautiful boardwalk in California. That’s what’s going on here,” the event’s Facebook page says.


Their mission? To raise awareness for the fact that 22 American veterans suffering from PTSD commit suicide each day.

“It’s just a miracle that I lived through that,” Marine Sgt. Ryan Loya told ABC 10 of his horrifying deployment in Afghanistan, during which he suffered a traumatic brain injury after being blasted with an IED.

Luckily for us, the guys had an overwhelmingly positive sense of humor and stopped to serve up some homoerotic hijinks for photographers and news crews along the way.

“You’d think they’re boyfriends, but they’re just dudes being dudes,” ABC 10 initially reported.


Good god, we can get into it.










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