Hunter Parrish Talks Nudity, Gay Storyline

Don't love me for my body.

Hunter Parrish. Shirtless. Gay. Could we ask for anything more?

Hunter’s Silas character on Weeds has had a sexually curious storyline or two, and in a recent interview he revealed he loves the challenge of tackling a straight guy with a gay storyline. “I loved [how Silas’ gay tendencies are explored]. As an actor, I crave moments – it doesn’t matter what they are or how different they are from what you think your character would do […] No one told me about the RJ thing before I read the script, so my heart was pounding. That can be scary for an actor because you have to get out of social ideas and just focus on the character but I think Silas responded exactly how I thought he would — and exactly how I would have as well.”

“Silas prefers women, but in that scene, he wasn’t disgusted by RJ,” Hunter explains. “It was more like, ’Oh man, I’m sorry … you just have the wrong idea.'”

Gay or straight, it’s hard to deny how nice it is to see Hunter/Silas without a shirt. And while he wants to be taken seriously, the actor isn’t above enjoying the flattery. “I was not the coolest kid in school, so to be 18 and on a show where people cared that I took my shirt off was pretty cool. Of course it can be gratuitous at times, and I chose to not be naked this season because I want to be taken seriously. At a point, I realized I was only auditioning for things that involved nudity or a sex act. And don’t get me wrong, I love being naked. But career-wise, I hope that my part in this eight year show was not just ’the guy who gets naked.'”

Well Hunter, be content that you’ve certainly earned an Oscar in nakedness. Yum.