“Hunting Season” Producers Launch Kickstarter To Fund Sexy Season 2: WATCH

Hunting Season is the raw, fresh and funny web series that took the gay Internet by storm last year, when it played on LogoTV.com. Now producers are looking to start Season 2, but they need help from fans like you.

Creator Jon Marcus paid for Season One out of his own pocket and, while the show made enough money to recoup its costs, filming a second season is prohibitive. So Marcus and his team have launched a Kickstarter to help fund another season of this uncensored look at gay Manhattan. They’re looking to raise $150,000 by December 2, and is less than a quarter-way there. (You can make a donation here.)

What should we expect in Season 2? Marcus gives a little tease:

Alex will face challenges in Season 2 that make him question his true goals, and test him in ways he didn’t expect.  Tommy, TJ, and the whole cast of characters will grow and change and the show will go deeper into their  relationships and their lives.

Should the Kickstarter surpass its goal, Marcus promises longer, better and more episodes!

Check out an interview with Marcus and the Hunting Season cast below 


Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.