Watch James Franco And Zachary Quinto As Boyfriends In The “I Am Michael” Trailer

The controversial film is from Justin Kelly, director of "King Cobra."

James Franco plays gay again in I Am Michael, the movie from director Justin Kelly that is finally finding a release after debuting at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

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In the film, Franco is Michael Glatze, a former gay-rights journalist and gay magazine editor who after a health scare finds religion, rejects his queer “lifestyle” and becomes a Christian pastor. Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts play his love interests and Charlie Carver co-stars.

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I Am Michael is based on a 2011 New York Times Magazine profile on Glatze. It is another collaboration between Franco and Kelly, who directed him in the gay porn murder thriller, King Cobra.

You may remember I Am Michael when it made headlines almost two years ago when Carver spoke about how his threesome scene in the movie with Quinto and Franco was “hot as hell.


I Am Michael will see a limited release in theaters and VOD on January 27.

Watch the trailer below.

h/t: Vulture

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