“I Hate Michelle Visage” Memes Blow Up On Twitter After Violet Chachki Shade


Violet Chachki is a queen with a teeny tiny waist–the tiniest in Drag Race her-stroy, she purports–and an abundance of shade to throw.

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Such was the case on last night’s episode of Drag Race when Chachki lauded a verbal grenade at Michelle Visage, declaring she hated her to the other queens in the work room. Visage immediately took to Twitter to call it like she saw it:

Chachki remained unapologetic:


The internet decided to get in on the fun, with Visage fans making light of the flippant remark with a bunch of cheeky “I hate Michelle Visage” GIFs/memes, the best of which Visage herself retweeted.

Here’s just a sampling of some of our favorites.