Meet the Logo30: Ian Alexander

The young "The OA" star embodies a new trans visibility in Hollywood.

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Brit Marling, co-creator and star of the Netflix show The OA, and co-creator Zal Batmanglij were told that it might be impossible to cast one role in particular, that of Buck Vu, a 14-year-old Asian-American trans male. So Marling and Batmanglij put out the call on social media.

Ian Alexander landed on a Tumblr post about the character, and despite never having acted before, submitted a video and was cast in the role. Alexander was equal to the task, and in the first season he portrays Buck’s strength, guilt, and sadness with a understated sensitivity.

Season 2 of the show has been released with Alexander returning as a more mature Vu—but he also plays Michelle, a new character who embodies one of the series’ many mysteries.

Alexander spoke with Logo the same day as a visit to the doctor: Having turned 18 that same week, he was now eligible for testosterone treatments as part of his gender transition.

Watch Logo’s full interview with Alexander below.

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