Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart To Star Together On Broadway

Cuties. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Like a pair of mutants whose superpower is waiting endlessly and in vain, the X-Men trilogy’s Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will star in an upcoming fall production of Waiting For Godot on Broadway, reprising their roles from a 2009 West End production. McKellen will star as Estragon and Stewart as Vladimir. Will Hugh Jackman join them as Pozzo, piercing hearts not with adamantium claws but with truths about the human condition? Probably not, but we can dream.

That’s not all either, as McKellen and Stewart will also be appearing together in Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your baritone-voiced, classic British accent fix. Besides, if you get bored in the theater, you can always imagine McKellen dressed as Gandalf, which is sure to liven things up.

“You shall not pass…into the lobby until intermission!”

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