Don’t Get Unruly In-Flight Lest You Get Duct-Taped: Video

Unfortunate. (Photo via tumblr)

Last week, a 46-year-old duty free liquor enthusiast had to be restrained during an Icelandair flight from Reykjavik to New York. According to reports, the man had consumed an entire bottle hard liquor, in addition to a variety of mini bottles, before he became verbally and physically abusive.

A video of the incident has since surfaced and passengers can be seen using duct tape and plastic zip ties to bind the man’s arms, legs, and mouth. Everyone was then able to get back to watching Last Holiday in peace.

Fortunately, the plane landed without incident at JFK and the man was taken into custody. No charges were filed and—after being treated for alcohol poisoning—he continued on his way to sunny Jamaica.

Excellent Björk impersonation or pained mewling?