Icona Pop Talks Music, Fans and Swedish Fish—We Love It!

We all have their song stuck in our head and we don’t care–we love it.

Yes, we’re talking about the Swedish electro-house duo Icona Pop and their Song of Summer contender “I Don’t Care.” Not only are Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo ridiculously talented and super sweet, but the gals have a great sense of humor. NewNowNext got a chance to chat up Icona Pop when they were in New York.

Many revelations came to light during our chat: For instance, we were shocked to learn that, although from Sweden, Caroline and Aino have never tried Swedish Fish. On a more serious note, the dynamic duo shared some of their greatest fan stories with us, talked about having the single everyone’s singing, and gave us a hint as to whom the song is about.

Watch above for the exclusive NewNowNext interview with Icona Pop—and keep an eye out for tour and festival dates this summer.

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