Idina Menzel Wants To Do The “Wicked” Movie: “A Little CGI On A Beautiful, Green Face—I Could Look Gorgeous!”

Elpheba goes full "Benjamin Button."

The film version of Wicked, the insanely popular Broadway musical is currently set to open on December 20, 2019—16 years after it premiered onstage. But that won’t deter the show’s original Elphaba, from going after the film role.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

“I’m gonna have a hard time with that,” Menzel told Pride Source in a recent interview when they posed the scenario of another actress getting the part in the movie.

“Let’s be honest… you want me to be honest? Or do you want me to say, ’Oh, sure, can’t wait for whoever looks 20 years younger than me but can’t sing as good as me gets the role?'”

“I’m lobbying to do it like Benjamin Button,” Menzel said. “A little CGI on a beautiful, green face. I could look gorgeous! Like, who cares – just take out a couple wrinkles. Green and exotic. I still have a girly innocence about me.”


“And here I am trying to audition for this role… I’ll be 70 by the time it comes out and still be trying to get this role. (Laughs)”

Let’s just hope the casting directors are taking notes.

h/t: Pride Source

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