“I’m With Cher” Is A Political Movement We Can Get Behind

National. Treasure.

Cher’s tweets have always been a goldmine, but she has been on fire this election season with all of her love for Hillary Clinton and her hatred for Donald Trump:

Now artist Anna Niess has brought Cher’s legendary tweets to life in a collection of campaign swag called I’m With Cher, that features the “Believe” singer’s most iconic emoji-filled feelings about the presidential candidates.

im with cher campaign
I'm With Cher
cher posters
I'm With Cher

Niess originally just created the pieces to showcase on her website, but since the launch she has received so many requests that she will “make about 150 posters and buttons for the first run and estimates she’ll start shipping everything out in the next few weeks,” according to Paper. All of the proceeds will go to benefit Everytown For Gun Safety (or a charity of Cher’s choice).

Head on over to the I’m With Cher website to own a piece of political history!


h/t: Paper

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