In Praise Of Older Men: 8 Primetime DILFs Heating Up The Small Screen


If you’re on the hairless twinks on Vampire Diaries (God love ’em), you should be happy to know the networks are increasingly casting hot actors who are actually old enough to run for president. Prime time is virtually packed with over-40 studs. Here’s a look at a handful of the stars we’d gladly call “daddy” (or whatever else they want us to call them).


Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

Alan Tudyk, 42
Dental DILF on Suburgatory

Tudyk made his career playing goofy sidekicks in movies like Knocked Up, 28 Days, A Knight’s Tale and Dodgeball, but his leading-man looks and chiseled physique (aided by some judicious airbrushing above) are nothing to laugh about.


jon hamm as don draper

Photos: AMC

Jon Hamm, 42
Retro DILF on Mad Man

We had a major thing for this smoldering ad exec even before all the hubbub about his package. Still, it’s nice to know Don Draper is more of a billboard than a flyer, if you catch our drift.


Photo: AMC

Photo: AMC

Andrew Lincoln, 40
Lawman DILF on The Walking Dead

Looking hot while running from flesh-eating zombies is truly taking sex appeal to the next level. Deputy Grimes can hide in our bunker any time.


Tony Goldwyn, 53
Presidential DILF on Scandal

Goldwyn first caught our eye as the baddie in Ghost, but as the commander-in-chief on ABC’s new thriller, the actor-director makes us stand at attention.


Peter Dinklage 2

Image: HBO

Peter Dinklage, 43
Good-things-come-in-small-packages DILF on Game of Thrones

Dinklage might doubt his hunk factor, but there are more than a few devotees of the black sheep of House Lannister.



Photo: NBC

LL Cool J, 45
Naval DILF on NCIS: Los Angeles

Don’t call it a comeback: LL’s always been foxy, and he’s only getting better with age. We’d gladly commit a crime just to get  Special Agent Hanna’s attention.


Paul Blackthorne

Photo: The CW

Paul Blackthorne, 44
Detective DILF on Arrow

The show’s marketing relies heavily (exclusively, actually) on Steven Amell’s chiseled body, but Blackthorne’s full lips and furrowed brow could turn just as many heads.


Billy Burke

Photo: NBC

Billy Burke, 46
DILF on a mission in Revolution

He plays a counter-revolutionary on NBC’s post-apocalyptic series, but Burke is so smokin’ we’d sit through the Twilight saga just for his brief appearances as Bella’s dad.