Two Brides Plan Lavish Indian Ceremony In “My Big Bollywood Wedding” Special

Homosexuality in India is still a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Save the date: My Big Bollywood Wedding cordially invites you to enjoy the colorful and extravagant world of Indian wedding celebrations.

In the new TV special, which premieres tonight on Smithsonian Channel, three couples create the Indian ceremony of their dreams in America, mixing traditional rituals with more modern Western customs.


The culture-blending same-sex marriage of Aneesa and Melinda, both teachers living outside of Boston, particularly pushes the boundaries of conservative Indian society. However, the special notes that ancient Hindu culture actually embraced a more fluid view of sexuality.

“My story is particularly unusual and exceptional—the fact that my family is more interested in supporting me,” says Aneesa, a proud Indian immigrant.


While homosexuality in India is still a crime and punishable by up to life in prison, a nationwide survey conducted in 2015 showed that 95% of those who responded support the decriminalization of gay sex.

Watch a clip from My Big Bollywood Wedding below.

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