Indigo Girls Honor Emma González, Parkland Victims, With Powerful Anthem “Go”

The new video was created in partnership with Marjory Stoneman Douglas students.

Because these kids are closer to fine.

Indigo Girls, the Grammy-winning duo of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray, celebrate student activism in their new live music video for “Go,” created in partnership with students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Since the February shooting that claimed the lives of 17 students and faculty, survivors from the Parkland, Florida, school have galvanized a nationwide movement calling for gun reform. The Indigo Girls video includes images from the March for Our Lives demonstrations where young activists demanded an end to gun violence in our schools and communities.

The video spotlights out activist Emma González, outspoken president of her school’s GSA.

“Go,” which first appeared on the 1999 album Come on Now Social, was originally inspired by students who protested the cancellation of Indigo Girls performances on Southeastern campuses because of the lesbian group’s sexuality and lyrical content.

R. Diamond/Getty Images

“I know the kids are still upsetters,” the veteran political activists sing, “’cause rock is cool but the struggle is better.” The song also encourages listeners to “raise your hands high, don’t take a seat, don’t stand aside this time, don’t assume anything, just go.”

“When I feel mired down in the muck of our times, I look to the wisdom of the elders who paved the way, and the bravery and energy of the youth who are out there hitting the streets, creating the movements like March for Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, and marching against our nation’s untenable immigration policies,” says Ray in a statement.

“Music helps us understand the world around us, and songs have always been a galvanizing force in social movements,” Saliers adds. “It’s absolutely critical that we harness that passion for justice and vote. We have the power to elect people who can truly enact the change we seek.” 

The “Go” video’s release coincides with the Stoneman Douglas students’ Road to Change Tour, a call to action powered by Rock the Vote.

The new symphonic arrangement of “Go” appears on Indigo Girls’ latest album, Indigo Girls Live With the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Watch “Go” below.

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