Gay Influencer Who Licked Toilet Claims He Contracted COVID-19

Larz is most hated for licking ice cream at the supermarket.

A social media influencer who recently participated in a viral toilet-licking challenge now claims he has tested positive for COVID-19.

The 21-year-old California clout chaser and arrogant TikTok prankster is known as Larz on Instagram and GayShawnMendes on Twitter.

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I got diagnosed with Coronavirus

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“I got diagnosed with Coronavirus,” Larz captioned an Instagram video that shows him lying in a hospital bed. “Hey, guys,” he says in the brief clip. “I’m really doped up on my meds right now.”

On March 20 Larz tweeted a video of himself licking the seat of a toilet in a public restroom, writing, “RT to spread awareness for the Coronavirus.” His Twitter account has since been suspended.

TikTok user Ava Louise, a friend of Larz, popularized the “coronavirus challenge” earlier this month when she filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat.

Larz gained notoriety last summer after posting a video of himself licking ice cream at a supermarket and putting it back on the shelf. He appeared on Dr. Phil and told the host he disowned his family because “none of them have followers.”

According to Louise, Larz’s hospital video is actually from a previous unrelated hospital visit, Insider reports.

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