Insatiable Demand For Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie Leaves Walmart Scrambling To Restock

Somebody please get Walmart two million more pounds of California sweet potatoes!

America may soon face a national crisis in the form of a pie shortage. Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, that is.

A spokesman for Walmart, the exclusive seller of Patti’s new signature sweet potato pie, reports the delicious dish was flying off store shelves at a rate of one per second last weekend thanks in part to one man’s rave review.

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The man behind the spike in sweet potato pie sales is none other than James Wright, who posted his reaction to tasting the pie for the first time on Facebook in a video that quickly went viral by racking up nearly 10 million views.

“Go to Walmart and buy the Patti LaBelle’s pie!” he screams in between singing and scarfing down a hearty slice.

The page selling Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie on Walmart’s website also became the site’s most visited, and Walmart estimates two million pounds of California sweet potatoes will be needed to meet increasing demand.

But “there’s plenty of time for people to stock up before Thanksgiving,” the Walmart spokesperson told 11 Alive, calming fears by ensuring Walmart is more than ready to meet consumer demand.


Other reports claim the chain has sold more than $1 million worth of the pies, some of which are reportedly going for up to $60 on eBay.

And Patti LaBelle has taken notice! This week, she called Wright to thank him for his glowing review. “She just kept telling me to be me, and she was like, ’Boy you can sing!'” he said.

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