Inside The “Looking” Movie World Premiere

Find out why a sequel would be like "The Golden Girls."

Looking: The Movie had its world premiere this past weekend at the 40th annual Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco, and the cast and crew were there to dish about the film, why the series’ sex scenes were so important and the idea of a Looking sequel.

BroadwayWorld was at the screening and they shared some highlights from the Q&A that followed the film.

“It was a challenge. We knew we had about 90 minutes to finish off everyone’s stories, without it being closed or too neatly tied,” director Andrew Haigh told the audience in the Castro Theatre. “In the last season, Patrick made a lotta mistakes; we needed to get to a point where he was feeling good about himself and everyone else, as well. [As for the ending,] we knew from the pilot, but we didn’t tell the cast. What I like about the story is that everyone is moving on, but to move on, sometimes to be happy, you have to say goodbye to things you love.”

Series star Jonathan Groff said that filming was “very meta” for everyone involved. “Coming back to shoot the movie was like coming back to say goodbye to our characters and San Francisco,” Groff said. “But when I read the script, I thought: ’Omigod, that’s the perfect ending!'”

Groff also spoke about the sex scenes that showed a realistic representation of gay sex.

“Also, I had friends who didn’t know gay people could have sex while facing one another. When Russell fucked me at the end of the first season, face to face, they thought [gay sex] was always from behind. I laughed but while driving home, I thought: ’That’s so sad.’ That they think gay people can’t relate to one another while we’re having sex. That it’s just some animal act from behind. That’s why I feel so proud of the sex scenes in ’Looking.’ Because they were written and directed so beautifully.”

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Is this really the end of the road for Looking?

“I love these characters. We’ve always said it would be lovely to come back in 20 or 30 years,” said Haigh. “They could be all at a gay old persons’ home and drink beer. It could be like ’The Golden Girls,’ basically.”

We’re sold.

Check out more pics from the premiere below:

Looking: The Movie premieres July 23 at 10pm on HBO.

h/t: BroadwayWorld

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