Awesome Instagram Dads Kordale & Kaleb Split Up, Break Our Hearts

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Aw poo: Kaleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis, who became viral sensations last year when an Instagram of them getting their daughters ready for school surfaced, have split up.

In a message that spanned six (now-deleted) posts, Anthony, 27, explained how the the “Hot Gay Dads of Instagram” grew apart.

“Loving someone shouldn’t be hard, it should be easy and stress free,” he wrote. “You should never have to question your worth or compromise your morals when you’re with your soulmate.”

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The Atlanta duo, who have two young daughters and a son, appeared in Nikon’s “I Am Generation Image” campaign in January. But efforts to fix the relationship proved fruitless.

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“Neither one of us were perfect in our relationship,” Anthony continued. “But when you are blatantly disrespected by someone who is supposed to be working with you to make y’all better, going to counseling smiling and telling you how much everything is going to work out… it’s over.”

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He assured his children he will still be a part of their life: “To my beautiful kids, I’ll see you this weekend at mommy’s house; it’s whatever you all want to do!,” he wrote. “My love for them will always prevail even if ’Daddy’ and I are no longer together,” he adds.

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The rift seems pretty major, but Anthony added, “I wish the best for Kordale.”

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