14 Instagram Hunks We’re Thirsting After

Double tap these rising IG hotties.

This article is part of Thirst Week, a series that approaches the idea of “thirst” from various angles—some straightforward, others more challenging. A new Thirst Week piece will be released every day this week. Check them out here.

For those with an appreciation for the male form, it’s no secret that Instagram is a great place to quench your thirst. The app offers a plethora of shirtless studs showing off their sculpted physiques. Many try to mask their exhibitionism with inspirational quotes—but, boys, who are you kidding? You’re here to show off and we’re here for the show.

If your feed is full of the same old Adonises, here’s an offering of up-and-coming Instahunks worth following.

  1. Immense Ray

    上班时候一脸假笑的神奇女侠 This is a working Wonder Woman ?#wonderwoman #meme #神奇女侠

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    This military man from Shanghai may write most of his captions in Chinese, but you don’t need to understand a word to appreciate his sexy snaps.

  2. Rock Evans

    Bodybuilder by day, drag queen by night, this gender-bending babe is sexy in all forms. As Miss Toto he was at Drag Con selling merch and doling out fitness tips.

  3. Tro

    I call this "number 17, the spread eagle" by @theboyproject

    A post shared by Tro (@theofficialtro) on

    With an IG profile that proves he can bend, this multitalented paramedic is also an acrobat and burlesque performer.

  4. Hideo Muraoka

  5. Robby Zumaya

    ? @venfield_8

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  6. Branden Hayward

    If you feel like you can't do anything, and that it's not important enough to fight now and why should we care about refugees anyway?, know that it was *already* EXTREMELY difficult to become an immigrant to the US if you are a Syrian refugee. Less than 1% are admitted after being subjected to MONTHS of interviews, tests, paperwork submissions — (yes, each is PLURAL). 65 million people are currently displaced by man made conflicts in the world — there is no point of reference for this in our history (yes, we are long past the scale of the Holocaust). All these people want to do is run from death, from rape, from starvation, from the freezing cold, from the jaws of death and poisoning and dismemberment. This is why they are running to us. As some of you know, MULTIPLE SOURCES CONFIRM not a SINGLE terrorist act since 9/11 has been committed by ANYONE from any of the seven countries trump banned (I have also read reports that no acts have been committed dating back to the 70s). But, terrorists have come from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (ISIS/ISIL), and others that WERE NOT ON TRUMPS LIST. why? Simple. He has business dealings in those countries. A year ago, I, too, was afraid to speak. Then the fear of meeting my maker, my future children or even my own reflection, and not being to say I had been doing what I could to help make life better for others, became greater than the fear of speaking out. If we all do a little something each week, then none of us need to worry about the days when all we have time to do is read the news and practice self care. We take shifts. Right? But if the responsibilities of many land on the shoulders of few, justice, freedom and hope will fall out of our hands! I need my friends and my network, if you aren't already doing so – to reach out and find out how you can help. I am doing a little and many are doing a lot. Even though we are already loud, we may still be lacking something incredibly necessary: YOU. (Excerpt, read my entire story by following me on my Facebook page) #withrefugees #resist

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  7. Hunter Wyndham

    #endlesssummer ? @kainoahemolele

    A post shared by Hunter Wyndham (@hunter_trevelyan_wyndham) on

    Rainy season self portrait. #mexico #puertovallarta

    A post shared by Hunter Wyndham (@hunter_trevelyan_wyndham) on

    Hunter Wyndham works as an illustrator, photographer, model, and actor in Hawaii. He finds inspiration in hiking and surfing the islands’ waves, just as we find inspiration from his sizzling selfies.

  8. Matthieu Reboul

    After a long day of sporting the latest in fashion trends, this French model takes it all off to sport a torso full of body hair. That’s a win-win.

  9. Over 40 Not Dead

  10. Zach Graves

    #Coachella #BroChella Day ✌?

    A post shared by zach g. (@zach_graves) on

    ignoring my uber driver.

    A post shared by zach g. (@zach_graves) on

    With a profile that contains nothing more than his Snapchat handle, this fit lad makes it hard to pin down what he does outside of the gym. But with snaps like these, does it really matter?

  11. Ivy-Elyse Monroe

    Serving body in and out of drag, this queen declares, “I steal yo husband as both sexes!” If we had a husband, we’d definitely lock him up.

  12. AJ Mountain

    For those who like a tinge of ginge, this wellness expert will get you red-hot.

  13. Axel


    A post shared by Axel (@i_cantbetamed) on

    A post shared by Axel (@i_cantbetamed) on

    Say hello to this bearded beauty serving smoldering stares and sexy tattoos. He’ll have you stalking 84-weeks deep into his profile before you know it.

  14. Roberto Caccamo

    I look so #serius ??? #blackandwhite #beard #hairy #daddy #muscle #bear

    A post shared by Roberto Caccamo (@mistercaccamo) on

    This Italian stallion isn’t afraid to bare it all on Instagram, and we’re reaping the benefits.

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