Instahunk Brock O’Hurn Melts Icebergs In New Ad For Icelandic Glacial Water

The bottled water company pays homage to Lucky Vanous' infamous Diet Coke ads.

In a new commercial for Icelandic Glacier water, Instagram stud Brock O’Hurn emerges dripping wet from the surf and peels himself out of his wetsuit after staking his claim on the beach.

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And some very luck ladies (and a few men) crowd to the windows of their office to catch the view.

Icelandic Glacier



Depending on how you look at it, the commercial is either an homage or a rip off of the Lucky Vanous Diet Coke as from the mid-90s.

Vanous brought all the ladies to the window to watch him gulp down some of the zero-calorie soda. Coke even tried to launch Coca-Cola Light supported by his broad, furry chest.



Fast forward 21 years, and Icelandic Glacial has basically done the same ad. We’re all drinking less soda these days anyhow, right?

And having women and men admire O’Hurn is progress in the beverage industry. I don’t think anyone is getting any work done for a little while.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brock O’Hurn, here’s a sampling from his Instagram account.

He hangs out on a tropical beach.

Sometimes you gotta just live… Chillin on pig island..

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And out in the desert.
Serenades you.

Takes selfies at the gym.

6 am couldn't come soon enough! Cardio ✔️ Get after it and have a Great day!

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And spends time blow-drying that luscious mane.

Overall, we’re glad to be invited into his eyes.

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