Internet Has A Gay Old Time With New Images From “Batman V. Superman”

"If they weren't mortal enemies, it would make for lovely, climactic scene in a romantic-comedy."

Entertainment Weekly debuted some exclusive stills from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in its latest issue, and while we know the comic-book blockbuster is supposed to be all gritty and serious, these shots are giving us a campy gay vibe.

batman v superman dawn of justice

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones.


As Polygon put it, “If they weren’t mortal enemies, it would make for lovely, climactic scene in a romantic-comedy.”

Or maybe something raunchier?


On Birth Movies Death, writer Phil Nobile calls attention to another image—that of Robin’s outfit in a display case in the Batcave.

robin  batman v superman

“Snyder is not a director to whose sensibilities I particularly take, but I see this hint of a Boy Wonder with sexy boyshorts and a spear, and I kind of want the prequel immediately,” he writes. “You gonna tell me I’m being excited wrong?”

Even celebrities have picked up on the homoeroticism.

Us too, Anna.

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