Interview: ‘Eden’s World’ Star Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Photo Credit: Logo TV

Eden’s World premiered last night on Logo and introduced the world to Andrew Sullivan, Eden’s very opinionated and combative NYC publicist. NewNowNext took some time to speak with Andrew about how he got his start in the business, Eden’s career and what he has to say to his critics.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up and your youth and how you came to work in PR in New York.

I grew up in a small town north of Boston called North Andover, Massachusetts. I am the middle child of three kids (2 sisters). I attended the local high school in my town, while battling my sexuality and really came of age when I attended the University of Connecticut for college. Halfway through my college career I discovered my love for PR and marketing, and started doing some freelance work for one of the Real Housewives of NYC. From that point on, I knew I was going to be in PR.

When did you first start working with Eden? How did you land the job?

Funny question. A colleague of mine wanted to hijack Heather’s job and manage Eden, so he used my celebrity PR experience as pull for him. The plan completely back fired on him. Mickie and Heather (I know funny) both LOVED me and asked me to come on board as Eden’s publicist. I think that the kid will never forgive me, but sometimes you need to leave people in the dust before you get dirty too.

Were you nervous about doing a reality show?

I told myself that I would never be in front of the camera, but all that changed when I started working alongside Heather. We have a very complex relationship so I needed to showcase how hard it is to build the career of a child star. What you see on camera is what you get. I am 100% real.

Having seen the first few episodes it is clear that some people may find you to be somewhat brash, overly aggressive and outspoken. What would your response be to these people?

They are absolutely right. I don’t put up with anything from anyone. My philosophy is that if you want to play with fire, you cannot be afraid of getting burnt. You’ll see in the show that Eden always says “Miss Fran don’t play”, but I think all of them are realizing slowly but surely that Mister Andrew has never played.

What are your goals for Eden’s career?

My goals for Eden are unique in the sense that I see a blockbuster licensing brand in front of my eyes. I see something very similar to the Olsen Twins or Miley Cyrus. Something that can be marketed and grow across many demographics and platforms.

What can we expect this season?

From the show as a whole, you can expect a lot of coming of age moments for Eden and our team, and also a lot of smiles from kids who envy and look up to Eden. Eden’s interactions with her fans are priceless. They really make people appreciate her impact on children. From me personally, you are going to see mistakes and coming of age moments as well, but you will also see me taking risks and pushing Mickie, Eden, Heather, and Fran out of their comfort zones. I am a city boy and a shark. If you attack me and the people I am close with, I will come for you and I won’t stop until I win.

How is your relationship with the rest of Eden’s team right now?

I am currently on great terms with Eden and Mickie. When it is just the three of us in NYC we have an absolute blast. Heather and I will never see eye to eye. I really hope we can start to remember that this is about Eden and put our issues aside. Fran? Fran who? I cannot stand her. We have no relationship whatsoever. She is nonexistent in my life.