Talking to John Lithgow and “Love Is Strange” Director Ira Sachs

In Love Is Strange, opening in Los Angeles and New York City today, acclaimed actors John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play lovers who, after 39 years together, decide to take advantage of the New York laws changing for same sex marriage and take the plunge into matrimony. As beautiful as that event is, it also unfortunately starts a chain of events that causes a financial crisis that leads the men to have to live apart. In their course of their respective journeys,  we see just how much their love – and love in general – can endure when faced with unfortunate circumstances.

The film, directed by Ira Sachs, who co-wrote the script with Mauricio Zacharias, has as many funny scenes as it does ones that will pull at your heartstrings, but know that the powerhouse team of Lithgow and Molina is a wonder to watch, as is the supporting cast including Marisa Tomei, Darren Burrows, Charlie Tahan and Cheyenne Jackson Manny Perez as neighboring lovers who also happen to be cops.

TheBacklot sat down with Lithgow and Sachs in Los Angeles and talked about the experience of making this film, with Lithgow tearing up when talking about connecting with his longtime friend, Molina, in a way he never had before.

John Lithgow


Writer/Director Ira Sachs



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