Gay Geeks Gab About Grindr, Nightwing’s Butt, In “The Invincible Bunch”

"It’s this new app where you can meet boys who don’t like the other hookup apps."

Web series about gay men don’t often feature Dungeons & Dragons, but director C. Edwards is hoping to reach the gay geek demographic with his new project, The Invincible Bunch.

Edwards has launched a Kickstarter for the series, which sees five gay guys finding common ground over their love of RPGs. They debate superhero movies, video games, and their sex lives, while working together to navigate a world of fantasy.

Kickstarter/ The Invincible Bunch

“Can these mismatched companions learn to get along? What are the chances of rolling three natural 20s in a row? Is it against a Paladin’s order to use Tinder? And can we talk about Nightwing’s butt??”

Edwards, who also wrote the series, says the goal is to present a diverse, intergenerational group of gay men while portraying a game that is “fundamentally connected to character development.”


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