“Invisible Life,” E Lynn Harris Novels Will Be Made Into Movies

E Lynn Harris MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE AUTHORBefore his death in 2009, E Lynn Harris was one of the most prolific and successful authors in modern literature, with more than a dozen novels detailing the “downlow” gay life in the African-American community.

Turning Harris’ books into films was a no-brainer—and Harris’ friend Proteus Spann was set to do just that—until Harris’ death lead to a protracted legal battle with the writer’s mother, who claimed Spann forged Harris’ signature on the contracts. “It put a stop to everything. I went through a very deep depression,” Spann told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was fighting for survival.”

But last month a California court ruled that Spann did indeed have exclusive television, film and theatrical rights to Harris’ works. Spann is beginning work on Invisible Life, Harris’ self-published debut work from 1994, and is pre-production on Harris’ second hit novel, Not A Day Goes By.

Invisible Life tells the story of Raymond, a bisexual African-American torn between his girlfriend Nicole and married gay lover Quinn. So which actors would you cast as the leads?

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