Iran Hates Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck was only second to Jennifer Lawrence yesterday in the “beloved by everyone at the Oscars” category. Not so shockingly, Iran was not such a fan of the Best Picture winner.

Iranian Culture Minister Mohammad Hosseini said, “The movie is an anti-Iran film. It is not a valuable film from the artistic point of view. It won the prize by resorting to extended advertisement and investment.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Argo tells the story of how the US and Canada engineered an escape for six American diplomats held hostage in Iran by using a fake movie as a cover story.

The country’s state TV said the film was “an advertisement for the CIA.” The fact that the Best Picture win was announced by FLOTUS Michelle Obama didn’t help; the Mehr news agency said this showed the Oscar was “politically motivated.”

There are, however, Iranians who enjoyed seeing the movie, whether or not they think it deserved an Oscar. And if anybody is feeling animosity toward Ben, they really just need to watch his speech again. How could you stay mad at him after this adorable nervous teary acceptance?*

*Unless you are Jennifer Garner. Then we kind of get it.