Ireland’s Eurovision Entry Brings Gay Love Story To The Semi-Finals

The dancers reprised their roles from the music video for "Together" by Ryan O’Shaughnessy.

Former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy represented Ireland at yesterday’s semi-finals in the Eurovision competition, with his single, “Together.”

The song, about a couple coming to terms with breaking up, has an accompanying video featuring dancers Alan McGrath and Kevin O’Dwyer, who play a couple dancing through the streets of Dublin while on a date.


The clip was directed by Christian Tierney, with choreography by Ciaran Connolly.

“It was amazing seeing the video come to life in the way it did, sticking with the original concept that love is universal and there are testing moments in every relationship,” O’Shaughnessy told RTE.

The dancers reprised their roles during O’Shaughnessy’s semi-finals performance—and their entrance was met with cheers from the crowd.

Fans thought the performance might face a broadcast ban in Russia since it features a same-sex couple—violating Russia’s strict anti-gay “propaganda” ban.

According to Eurovision rules, participating countries must broadcast all entries during the live broadcast or face “a possible ban.”

Learning of Russia possibly banning his video, O’Shaughnessy tweeted:

“The Russians are now threatening a broadcasting ban because of my video for ‘Together’. Anti-gay propaganda regime at its finest! Hilarious if you ask me… #IDareYou”

Russia ended up broadcasting the male dancers, which according to Ireland’s The Journal, featured “no warning, no censorship and no attempt to stifle the broadcast whatsoever.”

Ireland made it through to the finals of Eurovision, which made many viewers happy, including the man in the video below, who is very invested:

The 2018 Eurovision Grand Final will air live and commercial free on Logo, Saturday, May 12 at 3pm ET/12pm PT.

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