Is Chad Future’s Career In K-Pop Laughable Or Groundbreaking?

Chad Future

Chad Future performs "Hello"

Before the world of One Direction showed up on our shores and reminded that, oh yeah, boybands are a big thing, the Internet was wildly confused over Heart2Heart, the possibly fictitious boyband. Things got quiet on the Heart2Heart front quickly, but now frontman Chad Future has launched his next music project as a K-Pop star.

The world of K-Pop is vast, and Heart2Heart stylistically fit more into that genre than the Americanized or British boybands that gain attention over here. Right off the bat in Future’s video he emphasizes that he’s trying to merge pop, k-pop and hip-hop, plus gives a call out to “JT” that it’s his turn now.  (We can only assume that’s a Timberlake reference.)

“It’s never been done, let’s bridge the gaps,” Future rhymes, and that and his singing flows fluidly from English to Korean and back, although there’s definitely already beef with Future for being Caucasian, and therefore not a legitimate K-Pop star. Drama aside, we have to say we’re still humming his tune long after the YouTube fades, but you can decide for yourselves.