Is Cynthia Nixon Withholding Information About “Sex And The City 3”?

Such a Miranda thing to do.

Rumors of a third film in the iconic Sex and the City series (which should never ever end, by the way) have been swirling since the day the second film premiered.

The end of time will come before fans stop clamoring for additional films and, despite their finicky nature when it comes to contract negotiations, the women of SATC probably won’t ever stop entertaining the idea of doing more films either. This series is a lifetime commitment for all of us!

Last night, Cynthia Nixon appeared on Watch What Happens Live! and was gently probed by Andy Cohen about any details she could dish on a possible upcoming film, and her response was the definition of aloof.

“I had dinner with [series co-creator] Michael Patrick King this past weekend,” she said through clenched teeth. “It didn’t come up.”

At the risk of sounding like a Sex and the City truther, I believe she’s hiding something.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis pretty much let the cat out of the bag in a Twitter exchange over a year ago, talking about some “big news” they weren’t yet allowed to reveal. And let’s not even talk about Jennifer Hudson revealing she’d been contacted to reprise her role in SATC 3.

In addition, Michael Patrick King has said he’s open to doing more SATC films because “there are other stories to tell and characters that haven’t even been written yet.”

And above all else, THIS is the face of someone who knows something but isn’t saying it:

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 1.01.44 PM

There’s no way this didn’t come up at dinner, Cynthia. Spill that god damn tea already!

Matthew Tharrett is a writer, filmmaker, and above all else, a Britney fan. He once shared a milkshake with Selena Gomez.