Is Daniel Radcliffe Turning Into Colton Haynes?


This is either an emergency or a cockamamie theory concerning celebrity bone structure, but just in case: EMERGENCY!

Daniel Radcliffe appears in a new Flaunt Magazine photo shoot as their darling cover boy, and the gorgeous shots even include some arty, interpretive poses. But one glimpse at Radcliffe’s chiseled, pert mug begs the question: Is he turning into Arrow hunk Colton Haynes?


There are some similarities, but as my colleague Snicks observed, the most notable comparison is the eyebrows. Those brick tufts of near-Rod Serling proportions.

We’ve included a couple more of the Flaunt photos below and helpfully interspersed them with Colton Haynes’ glamor pics. (You can see more of Radcliffe’s shots at Flaunt’s website, where he discusses Kill Your Darlings). I’ve included the strange last shot here because it’s as if the photo editor is trying to tell us, “Look! When you remove Daniel’s face from his body, it gets even more Colton-y.” Thanks, sir/ma’am.