Is Dianna Agron Off ‘Glee’?

Agron, nowhere near the set of 'Glee.'

As all Glee fans know, the fate of Ms. Dianna Agron (aka Quinn) was left up in the air following the last episode of the decreasingly popular Fox show. And, again as most fans of the show know, Ms. Agron has seemed the show’s one actor with the best shot at a career beyond her role in the singing sitcom. So is she gone for good?

Usually an avid Tweeter, Ms. Agron has not written of being on set or tweeted any photos of the cast since her departure. Her last set pic came from what may perhaps be her final scene at the side of the road. What’s more, the actress made an appearance in Paris for the Louis Vuitton show yesterday while her perhaps-former costars wrote of filming a group scene on their own Twitter accounts.

This could, of course, be a mastermind plan from creator Ryan Murphy, who would be smart enough to monitor the social networking of his cast just to throw viewers off the trail. But it does seem strange!