Is Disaster Director Roland Emmerich’s Next Vision … Stonewall?

Out director Roland Emmerich has made a career out of destroying the world in such megahits as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, but has also given us such quieter indies as Universal Soldier, Godzilla, and the upcoming White House Down. Basically, he likes to blow shit up.

But his next film may point his career in a new direction:

“I may want to do a little movie – about $12-14 million – about the Stonewall Riots in New York,” revealed Emmerich. “It’s about these crazy kids in New York, and a country bumpkin who gets into their gang, and at the end they start this riot and change the world.”
“It’s one of these civil rights moments, like Rosa Parks,” he told Empire. “And very little is known about it. Even gay people don’t know much about it. There are only two books written about it.”

Well, and the movies about it, one called … Stonewall. And I think a lot of gay people actually do know a lot about it.

But he’s certainly taken a step in the right direction by hiring Jon Robin Baitz to write the script. Among his many credits is creating and writing Brothers & Sisters.

What do you think? On the one hand, he has made some terrible films (we won’t even get into 10,000 BC), but don’t forget, he did give us that long, lingering shot of Jean-Claude Van Damme”s bare ass … so there’s that.

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