Is Jenny Schecter Actually Alive in “The L Word: Generation Q”?

A new tweet from actress Mia Kirshner teases that her notorious character may not be dead.

L Word fans, brace yourselves: Actress Mia Kirshner, a.k.a. Jenny Schecter, has teased a major tidbit about her character’s role in the show’s forthcoming reboot.

Kirshner, who starred as everyone’s favorite (read: least favorite) queer writer in the original run of the popular Showtime series, responded to a tweet on Tuesday, August 12, directed at writer-director Marja Lewis Ryan, who’s helming the revival.

“… @Hey_King_ and I asked @MarjaLewisRyan what happened to Jenny Schecter after the Outfest Q&A,” user Kim Hoffman (@the_hoff) wrote in late July, “and all I know is Jenny is still very dead and I for one am not opposed to writing the treatment for a spinoff in which @msmiakirshner is living her best life at the carnival.”

To which Kirshner cryptically replied weeks later, “She’s not dead.”


Wait, what?! Was the bizarre finale of The L Word Season 6—in which Jenny was found facedown in a pool at Bette and Tina’s going-away party—actually just a fluke lesbian fever dream after all?

At this point we can only speculate, as we’ll have to wait until The L Word: Generation Q finally premieres Sunday, December 8 on Showtime to know for sure. In the meantime, check out the fresh-faced actors tapped to star in the series—and hypothesize how they’re all connected on Alice’s famed chart.

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