Is Jinkx Monsoon “The Cheap Version” of Sharon Needles?

Sharon seems to think so.



In a video posted to Tumblr, Sharon Needles told some fans that she thinks her successor as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race shouldn’t be crowd favorite Jinkx Monsoon because Jinkx represents “a cheap version” of Sharon’s act. Is that true?

Sharon, who is in a relationship with Jinkx’s competition Alaska Thvnderfvck, had this to say about the kooky, Little Edie-loving queen:

“… The “I’m just a freak, uh, that was last year. This year I need to see some higher stakes. And when I look at Roxxxy I see a tangible, marketable, beautiful drag queen. She has something we all think is a bad thing now days: bitchiness. I think being a bitch is a good thing. Being a bitch is the way a man in a dress defends himself. And with Jinkx I see theatrics, I see humor, I see comedy, but I also see a little room for improvement visually and a little more need for improvement about not needing to defend her craft so much. You know, if it was Detox she’d just be like “bitch, please.” So if you take Roxxxy Andrews and you take Jinkx Monsoon and you put them in a blender and you squeeze it into a glass you get a foaming glass of Alaska Thvnderfvck. You get tangible beauty, you get Hollywood, you get humor, you get theatrics, you get drama. Alaska Thvnderfvck for the win. She is Vanna White on acid, can I get a letter please?”

Sharon added:

“I think Phi Phi was a better bitch. Because when Phi Phi was going, she’d be like ’You don’t belong here! You have no talent!’ All Roxxxy would do was like ’Aw bitch please, go home.’ She wasn’t that mean! … I was doing my makeup and I was like damn, I don’t wanna quit my job. Have you ever been fired from a job you didn’t wanna be fired from? You’re like, this hurts… I don’t want it going to Jinkx. I don’t want someone doing a cheap version of what I’m doing. I want it going to a new face, a new style, a new eon, a new decade of drag, you know? Almost to the point where if it has to go to Roxxxy, give it to Roxxxy, no t no shade.”

First of all, Sharon’s copycat accusation is dubious considering that at least one other drag queen used the name “Sharon Needles” before it belonged to the season four winner. Second, whether or not you think Jinkx is glamorous, she is certainly a polished and charismatic queen. Third, of course being bitchy is wonderful. It’s just a shame Roxxxy does it without wit, grace, humor, or a leg to stand on.

I will concur with Sharon on the fact that Alaska, without a doubt, is the funniest queen in the competition. The deadpan delivery, the surliness, the executive realness, and the name “Lil Pound Cake” are undeniable gems. But is Alaska really “Vanna White on acid”? More like Ed Grimley on opiates, but that’s just as great.