Is Laura Prepon Leaving “Orange Is The New Black” Because Of Scientology?


Laura Prepon seems like a pretty cool lady, and she is amazing on Orange Is the New Black, playing Alex (aka Vause), the hot, bespectacled ex-girlfriend of the show’s lead character, Piper (Taylor Schilling). That is why we were super bummed to learn Prepon would be leaving season two early according to a report from Buzzfeed, which immediately made us think: Is she leaving because of Scientology?

Prepon obviously knew she would be playing a lesbian in the drama when she signed on, something that seems at odds with the fact that she is a Scientologist and Scientologists don’t really love the homosexuals. Not all Scientologists we know — Kirstie Alley is down with the gays — but there is that whole curing homosexuality business some are fond of.

So, with all this Leah Remini stuff being dragged up and the church continuing to stay quite about it all, could Prepon have been asked to leave the show for fear of creating more media attention? Because it is the best role she has ever had, and she is amazing in the show, so it seems a bit odd for her to peace out.

Or, you know, her people are just trying to get more money from Netflix. It should also be mentioned that Alex’s character is not actually serving in the same prison as Piper in the actual memoir the show is based on, so it’s not as if they are going off script with this decision.

Again, we have no idea and no facts to back up any of this, but you know a bunch of y’all have been thinking the same thing. No offense, Xenu.

For a better, and longer, look at this idea, see what our friends at After Ellen had to say about the loss of our girl Laura.