Is “Veep”‘s Selina Meyer The Funniest Female Character On TV?

HBO’s Veep is full of exasperated idiots. These White House lackeys are Blackberry-pressing numbskulls who seem overwhelmed by their jobs but completely comfortable snapping at their boss, the titular U.S. Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who is pretty flighty herself.

Veep’s second season premiered Sunday night, and as someone who keeps track of the funniest ladies on TV, I’m thrilled to see Louis-Dreyfus’ harried theatricality and spitfire comic chops paired with suitably ridiculous material. While Seinfeld gave her little chance to play outside Elaine Benes’ narrow confines and The New Adventures of Old Christine required a similarly limited range of emotions, Veep gives JLD the freedom to be likable, unlikable, harsh, warm, competent, idiotic, warm, and insulting. She’s Leslie Knope as played by Liz Lemon on “sandwich day.” She’s a weary, well-intentioned woman who is gloriously human when she explodes in delirium. 

As last night saw Selina reach her wits’ end at the midterm elections, she still killed us with five amazing one-liners. Ranked, I’ve got ’em for you.

5. “Kent, I can’t do [morning talk shows]. I’m exhaustipated.”

On the fly, she’s coining genius terms. Like Cole Porter in a column dress. Worship.

4. MIKE: “You can’t reason with him. It’d be like explaining Supertramp to a Komodo Dragon.” SELINA: “I don’t know what those words mean, Mike. Are you in the middle of some sort of aneurysm?” 

You’d think Breakfast in America would be Selina’s campaign slogan!

3. “You take your eyebrows and you get out.”

Growly and more than a little Liz Lemon-y, but I love her commitment to the meanness of it.

2. “I’m about to enter a national ass-kicking contest with no legs and a massive ass.”

Just before she was set to broadcast live, Selina uttered this legendary complaint to her lackeys. “National Ass-Kicking Contest” sounds like a prize giveaway at Comic-Con.

1. “I fluffed ’em, now go f*ck ’em.”

She actually whispered this to her colleague after whipping an audience into a frenzy at a rally. It is a deadpan porn reference. For us. Phew.

What were your favorite Veep moments last night? Looking forward to season 2?