We Want To Live In The High-Femme Drag World Of Isaac Delusion’s “Isabella”

These are some real housewives we could get used to.

French electro-pop quintet Isaac Delusion channel the grotesque yet electrifying campiness of John Waters for their latest video. Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, “Isabella” sees women with trashy mullets, Day-Glo eyeshadows, and Pepto-pink trackwear going through everyday tasks like bathing, working out, and brushing their (crooked) teeth.


Some of them end up making out, while others let their equally high-camp children soak their feet in fruit punch.

“It is a very feminine song,” lead singer Loic Fleury told Savage Thrills.

Isaac Delusion

“I wanted it to feel as though all of the women in the film could be Isabella. They are not protesting, they’re just being themselves. Although that could be considered rebellious now, when we have such a conformist society.”


Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.