ISIS Terror Plot To Attack Gay Nightclubs Foiled By French Authorities

A special committee has come together to create new anti-terror laws in the country.

French officials say they have prevented a dozen terrorist attacks in France since the beginning of the year, including a plan to target several gay nightclubs in Paris.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb spoke to a parliamentary committee that’s overseeing government proposals for new laws to combat terrorism, saying that the “threat remains high,” according to The Local.

“What Daesh [the Islamic State terror group] wants is to divide the national community and create clashes between French people,” the minister told the group. “This is the trap into which we must not fall.”

Without going into detail, Collomb listed some of the other terror plots that were stopped, including a planned attack on an air-force training school and an assault targeting a police station or a supermarket that included taking hostages.

Most recently, authorities discovered homemade explosives that were ready for use in an empty apartment near Paris last week.

“We see that we are moving from an outside threat to an internal threat,” Collomb told the committee, “and we have to be able to adapt to the evolution of this threat.”

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