VIDEO: Dan Savage Talks ‘It Gets Better’ & Celebs


On Tuesday, February 21 at 11pm, both MTV and LOGO will air a special, hour-long program, It Gets Better, which is a response to the recent and tragic suicides in the LGBT community related to bullying in schools. Dan Savage, co-creator of the “It Gets Better Project” and host of the upcoming MTV series Savage U, will have a key role in the special, and stars such as Adam Levine, Zachary Quinto, Margaret Cho, Chaz Bono, Vinny Guadagnino and Tim Mcllarth and Brandon Barnes of Rise Against will make appearances as well.

In this preview from the special, Savage discusses how the celeb involvement came about with the movement. He admits that having celebs involved was never his goal, but thanks to one infamous blogger hundreds poured out their support and made a huge difference.

Watch above and be sure to catch the special February 21.