It Has Recently Come To Our Attention That Chloe Has The Very Best Modeling Tips

Take it from an uber famous celebrity.

Nobody knows modeling and fashion (pronounced fah-shun) better than Drew Droege’s hilarious Chloë Sevigny character, and being the incredibly humble person that she is, she’s dishing her best modeling tips in a brand new video for The Orphans network.

“When the crew finally arrives, appear gracious yet furious,” she says. “Master the following poses: The scarab, concerned counselor, innocent passerby, scratch, resonance, Karlie Kloss, bottled furniture, and round.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.26.28 AM
YouTube/The Orphans

Step aside, Giovanni Bonamy. Chloe is coming for your diva crown.

Catch more of Drew in Logo’s Cocktails & Classics, now airing.

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