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Italian Town In Uproar Over Gay “Last Supper” Poster

"You will have to apologize for the rest of your life for the lack of respect towards those who believe in Jesus."

An Italian bar is facing backlash this week for a poster promoting a gay night that featured a very “alternative” version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

Promoters for the event, which is held every Thursday at Caffe Verdi in the city of Salerno, reimagined the famous painting with a tattooed Jesus surrounded by a group of shirtless, hunky apostles kissing each other. The poster also features two men removing their togas, with a different man appearing to perform oral sex on a guy behind the table. Sounds like quite a party!

Local political groups instantly called for the event to be cancelled out of respect for the Christian community, calling the poster “misplaced and disrespectful” and accusing it of “slaughtering respect and good taste,” according to The Local.

The cafe’s Facebook page was inundated with negative reviews, with one commenter writing, “You will have to apologize for the rest of your life for the lack of respect towards those who believe in Jesus. Shame!”

Not all comments were negative, however, with some users praising the cafe, including commenter Francesco Napoli, who wrote, “Five stars for courage, independence and equality.”

Caffe Verdi confirmed in a statement that the event would continue as planned, saying it would not “remain silent in the face of multiple attacks on our business from the media.”

The venue also expressed “unconditional support” for DiverCity, the group which has organized the event at the cafe for the past two years.

“We reiterate with strength and conviction our freedom to live and enjoy ourselves as we see fit,” wrote DiverCity event planner Emanuele Avagliano, urging the LGBT community to attend the night “with even more force and conviction, to lay claim to a space of freedom which is indispensable for the gay and transgender men and women in our city”.

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