Italian Soccer Chief: I’ve Got Nothing Against Jews And Gays… But Keep Them Away From Me

The president of the Italian Football Federation, Carlo Tavecchio, is under fire for a double whammy of both antisemetic and homphobic remarks.

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Over the weekend, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published excerpts from a recorded conversation that took place in June between Tavecchio and the director of the Italian sports website SoccerLife.

Tavecchio can be heard discussing the sale of a building to a “lousy Jew,” Though he adds that he has “nothing against the Jews,” he comments that “it is best to keep them at bay.”

When the conversation turned to rumors about the private life of another former soccer official, Tavecchio asked if it was true that he was homosexual, adding “I have nothing against them, but keep them away from me. I am very normal.”

Tavecchio claims he doesn’t recall uttering such hate-speech and that the leaked audio “might have been manipulated.”


“Certain words shouldn’t be pronounced by anyone,” president of the Italian coaches’ association, Renzo Ulivieri said in a statement, “and certainly not by the president of the Italian football federation.”

Tavecchio is no stranger to controversy.

In October of last year, he was banned for six months by the Union of European Football Associations for racist remarks he made and was not allowed to hold any UEFA position as well as being barred from the UEFA congress in March 2015.

Did we mention he’s also a convicted criminal? Strike that, a 5-time convicted criminal!

h/t: The Guardian