It’s Illegal to Instagram Your Ballot, Except In The 4 States Voting on Marriage Equality Today

In some states, it’s illegal to post your ballot on Instagram

If you haven’t voted yet today, you should go do that! What are you waiting for? However, there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, which is post Instagrams of you inside the booth, you with your completed ballot, or you inside the booth with your completed ballot.

Gizmodo put together a helpful list of exactly what the rules are about posting pictures state-by-state. So, in the majority of states, it’s probably a misdemeanor. But what about the four states where marriage equality is on the ballot?

  • Maine: “In 2011, Maine made it legal for a person to disclose his or her own ballot.”
  • Maryland: “It is unclear whether a Maryland court would consider the photography of a ballot to be a reproduction or possession of a ballot to be a violation.”
  • Minnesota: “The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State strongly discourages voters from using cameras or video recorders in the polling place. And you can’t share your ballot results with anyone in the polling place, but it is unclear whether you could legally share it with the rest of the internet.”
  • Washington: “Prohibited conduct does not include sharing or photographing a ballot.”

In other words, in those four states – and some others – you can get away with posting a pic of your ballot on social media. But that doesn’t mean that you should.