Jack Falahee And Matt McGorry Sit On Santa’s Lap, Save Christmas

Can you be naughty AND nice?

ABC’s How To Get away With Murder has accomplished many things in its two seasons on the air.

It’s given us an Emmy-winning breakthrough role for the fabulous Viola Davis. It’s given us one of the few complicated same-sex relationships on network TV. It gave us one of the most gifable moments of recent years.


But perhaps most important of all, it’s introduced us to the social media presence of co-stars Jack Falahee and Matt McGorry.

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Separately, both guys are entertaining.

mfw it's 1862 and I'm unsure whether I'm wearing a shirt or a dress. #1862swag #mercyst

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Sneak peak of my ass. Watch #HTGAWM tonight on ABC 10/9c. #TGIT

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But together, they bring out the best in each other, uniting the qualities of “loveable goofball” and “hot and snarky” they both possess.

@mattmcgorry and I celebrating after receiving the Rising Star Award at #ATVFest Thanks #SCAD !!!

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But now they’ve gone too far, collaborating (with fellow actors Cameron Fuller, David Bernon, and Jack Quaid) to bring us an image that is by turns amusing, adorable, strangely titillating, and ultimately, just plain wrong.

The fact that this was done for a good cause makes us even more conflicted, filling us with shame for the naughty thoughts we’re having. About candy canes. And coming down the chimney.

And packages. Unwrapping large packages.

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