Jack Falahee Stands Up To Cancer, Harry Shum, Jr. Flexes Between Takes, Gregg Sulkin Recharges His Britishness: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

The Naked Magician returns. Michael Sam reveals his plans, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet reboot "Breaking Bad"

God, I hope season two can live up to the hype

I had to Google this to understand it was a Drake reference

That could only mean 1 thing… @champagnepapi @ovogelo

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Still more interesting than their relationship on Modern Family

A fun photo from this weeks @hollywoodreporter.

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Quitting a bakery is a messy proposition

He’s one monocle away from being an evil villain

Feeling at home with my main man King & my British pillows.

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Happy Birthday Travis!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY??????? CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT 28 BRINGS!!!!! She has a lot to live up to!!!!

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Jack is standing up to cancer. And this weekend doing a triathlon in Spandex to raise money to fight it

Sure he’s stretching, but I keep looking at his bicep

Well, that’s one way to celebrate

Sometimes a guy in a wet white t-shirt is hotter than the same guy without a shirt

The naked magician is back. Who thinks Neil Patrick Harris should spice up Best Time Ever with this guy?

River is back to work

Well, now we know what Michael Sam is up to. It’s probably the smartest move he’s made in a long time

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