Jack “Sexy Halloween Costume” Merridew Is Back With Some Hot New Offerings

Jack went viral last Halloween after asking his mom to judge his "slutty" options.

Jack Merridew, the YouTuber who asked for his mother’s opinion on an array of “slutty” Halloween costumes last year, is facing the same problem again in a new video chronicling his 2016 search.

Merridew explains at the beginning of his racy new video that his main goal in choosing a Halloween costume is to “let his true inner slut shine through,” and the handful of new costumes he’s modeling achieve just that and so much more.

There’s the mechanic, the homecoming queen, the chef, and the football player, which is basically a pair of underwear and this mesh piece of fabric with the word “football” printed on the front:


Karen Smith would be so proud!


And before you slam him with hate— check out the message he posted to the trolls who came for his Halloween video last year.

Check out the new video below:

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