Live-Action “Aladdin” Casts Hunky Marwan Kenzari As Jafar And People Are Losing Their Minds

"A whole new pelvic world, ladies and gentleman."

Disney reportedly had trouble finding the right actors for its upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin, but one look at the man they picked for the role of Jafar proves it was all worth the wait.

Dutch-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari is in negotiations to play the evil vizier to the sultan of Agrabah, and the internet quickly went into a meltdown over the news.

While the actor will soon appear in the all-star remake of Murder on the Orient Express, it’s his striking good looks and rock-hard body that have people ready to declare their allegiance to #TeamJafar.

Unfortunately, the actor doesn’t post on Instagram, but social media users have rounded up some of his hottest pics for us to stare at while waiting for him to transform into the hottest Disney villain in history.

Jafar, ladies and gentlemen #jafar #aladdin #healthybush #marwankenzari #vogue #vogueamsterdam

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Hop on your flying carpet and check out the new Aladdin trailer below.

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